• Use only the daily mirror. It uses the same starting prices forecast as the Racing Post while only costing about a fifth the price and has the specialist information required to operate the system.
To get the information we require, first look at the horse's name, and then look at the abbreviations in brackets after the jockey's name. The abbreviations that we require are:
i) SF =Strongly Fancied to win
ii) F =Fancied to win
iii) EW =Each way Fancied to be placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd
• Only use races of 8, 9, or 10 runners maximum.
• Starting from races of 8 runner's look at the strongly fancied marked horses and pick out those with a starting price forecast of 6/1 or better.
• Should there be no 8 runner races with SF horses at 6/1 then move on to 9 runner races and so on.
• Should this still not produce any selections then start again at 8 runner races taking only the Fancied horses working your way up, move on to the Each Way horses if this fails to produce horses with an SP of 6/1 and over.
• Do this until you get a maximum of two runners. We back these daily half a point each way each i.e. 50p each way/£5 each way (depending on your spending power and are able to afford the possible loss). Cover with a small each way double if you wish.
• If you only find one horse then back it each way. Obviously in such circumstances we will not have a double bet. If no horses are found then no bet. It is very important that the rules are adhered to
If you find more than two then the following rules should be observed.
Flat races: Horses running over a longer distance are preferred therefore a horse running over 1m would be better suited to one running over 5f
National Hunt: horses running over hurdles make better selections than horses running over fences. Distances should be disregarded as a consideration.
If you have two identical types of races and you need to dispose of one, it is actually best to pick the horse with the lowest SP, as this ought to have a more realistic chance of winning. For example if you have two 8 runner flat races run over 1m both with an SF horse, if one has an SP of 8/1 and one has an SP of 16/1, the horse with the SP of 8/1 is the preferred selections.
And that is all there is to it. It is actually very easy to operate the system and selections should be found in a few minutes.
This system is safe because it only picks horses in small fields at what ought to turn out to be generous odds. If we only used pure guesswork we would have a 30% chance of picking a horse at random finishing in the first three. But because our selections should at least be able to get a place or better then anyone can see that the odds are tipped in our favour. The essence of this system is to steadily put the odds on your side, so it is important to implement the rules thoroughly and not cut corners. If you do this you will see that your betting bank will at worst be breaking even but I am convinced that in the long term your bank will grow and grow.
Remember the golden rule of gambling is never to bet with money you cannot comfortable to lose. A tiresome warning told by many, but ignore it at your peril!

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