The 4 FACTORS which indicate a winning selection. The beauty of the FACTOR 4 system is that it is essentially very simple.When a horse meets the FOUR selection criteria on which FACTOR 4 is based,quite simply it represents a very good bet.
I make no apology if FACTOR 4 looks too simple.(Simplicity is usually a benefit! There are those who blieve that a betting system must be complicated in order to produce results.In fact,certain tipsters deliberately make their systems appear complicated and difficult to understand in order to give the false impression that their system is more scientific than it actually is).
But why make a betting system more complicated than it needs to be? If you really want it,I will be quite happy to devise a personal system for you which will involve you in 2 days work before you know which horse you should be backing. Just follow the four selection criteria of FACTOR 4 and you will achieve equal or better results without the need to invest hours of your valuable time before placing your bet.
1 The horse must be rated 78 or above in the Daily Mail
2 It must have won,or been placed 2nd or 3rd last time out
3 It must be running within 4 days of its last run.
4 It must be favourite.
FOLLOW THOSE 4 SIMPLE RULES FOR WINNER SELECTION AND YOU ARE BOUND TO SECURE WINNERS AT LEAST 50%OF THE TIME. And if you are doing that consistently,you will end the season well ahead.There is no reason why starting with a £1000 bank and betting 10% on each selection with your winnings rolled forward-you cannot make £20000 to £50000 per annum as a TAX FREE second income from your betting activity. SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY Lets face it, if you know what youre about and have devoted your life to doing it,it is not at all difficult to devise a winning horse racing system. But the usual problem is that deploying successful backing systems is a full-time occupation.And most people do not have the time available to spend time analysing several months previous results in order to reach a conclusion about the likely winner in a particular race. FACTOR 4 renders such a time commitment unnecessary,because all of the work has been done for you.Just deploy the four simple selection criteria and start making your TAX FREE second Income.
What you need to use FACTOR 4 As I have already indicated,FATOR 4 was designed with the"amateur" punter in mind-the person who knows little or nothing about horses or horse racing
Here are the 4 key items of information you will be using:
They are:
1 Result last time out
2 Number of days since last race
3 The rating of the horse
4 Is it the favourite?

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