First-time Blinkers for Handicap Debut


Bet any horse that is wearing blinkers for the first time in its career when the race also happens to be its handicap debut. For the purpose of this method, handicap debut is taken to mean the horse's first run in a handicap of the type in which it is entered today (either flat, chase or hurdles). System doesn't apply to any other form of headgear. Ignore races in which there is more than one qualifier. System applies to both flat and NH racing. System applies to UK races only.


5pts win on each selection.


It is common practice for some trainers to run horses under less than optimum conditions in races which qualify them for a handicap mark. Having achieved a competitive rating for the horse the trainer is then faced with the task of taking advantage of it. He will attempt to do that by selecting the ideal conditions for his runner, in terms of track type, distance and ground.

It is a fact that blinkers, more often than not, work better on subsequent applications than they do the first time. However, on the occasions that they do enhance a performance on their first application the results can be spectacular. A generous rating for a handicap debut and an ideal set of conditions can further enhance the effect of first-time blinkers on the occasions that they do provide this spectacular improvement.

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