Cream of the Crop Racing System

This is a remarkably effective system that will show a level stakes profit for you most months. Profits can be enhanced considerably by using the free staking plan provided. Prices vary from odds-on to 4/1 and the longest losing run since April 2001 has been just 6 on one occasion. Paper: Racing Post - Examine the `selection box` of tipsters for each race in the Racing Post. For a selection to qualify it must be tipped by the first four tipsters in the `selection box`. That is, it must be the selection of Postmark, Postdata, Topspeed and Spotlight. No Bet in handicap races, nurseries, claimers, sellers, amateur or apprentice races. Rollover Double Staking Plan - You place your usual stake on the horse, and if it wins, place all of it onto the next runner. Reduce back to your usual stake whether that selection wins or losses. This system will improve your profits using the Cream of the Crop System by over 30%. Conclusion - We suggest you try The Cream of The Crop System for a month or two with small stakes until you can see the capability of the system. Then you can increase your stakes considerably when you have full confidence in this very effective system. All the very best with your future Investments

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