Follow The Money

Follow The Money is a very simple method with one major surprise - it’s uncanny ability to select winners. The objective of this system is to follow the clever money. Betting takes place as near to the off as is possible and the current rules for selection are below, however, further research is ongoing and as always commonsense needs applying.
1. Buy a daily newspaper, we recommend the Daily Express as it’s morning odds are more complete than some other newspapers. We also use the Racing Post. When looking for the morning paper odds on a horse take the highest figure from the two papers. You will find that by using just one or the other some selections will be missed. This is due to the difference in the odds displayed in the respective papers. (see note later}
2. Sit by your television on BBC 1 Ceefax and wait for the first show in the first race. Have your bookmakers account telephone numbers ready.
3. When the first show appears examine all horses quoted at 12/1 or less and compare their price with the early morning price in the Daily Express or Racing Post. Using the chart below, any horse that is 12/1 or less and with a morning price of 20/1 or more is a bet if it holds it’s price or reduces to just before the off. Likewise a horse quoted as 16/1 in the morning needs to come into 9/1 and so on. For practical reasons it is dangerous to wait until they go behind before betting as they may be off by the time you are talking to your bookie. We recommend you place your bet about 2 minutes before the race.
Internet: I am sure that this method can be used over the internet but we have not really experimented with this as there has been no need to. You would obviously use an odds checker service instead of BB1 ceefax and possibly Betfair or an on-line bookmaker to place your bets.
Cautions. Be careful not to take these too literally, apply commonsense.
1. Avoid races where more than one horse qualifies. Break this rule if you wish, Byron’s Bay on Friday 6th of May came in from 66/1 (Express) to 10/1 and went on to win, even though there was another selection in the race this seemed a value bet.
2. Beware races with lots of non-runners. For example, if the first and second favourites drop out prices on the remaining horses will shorten for the wrong reasons.
3. Avoid races with an obvious odds-on favourite unless it is a selection.
.While every little rule that is determined by commonsense cannot be written in stone the winners are there to be found and many people are using the system profitably in their own way.

Odds in the morning paper
Coming in to just before the off
20/1 or more
12/1 or less
16/1 or more
9/1 or less
14/1 or more
8/1 or less
12/1 or more
7/1 or less
11/1 or more
6/1 or less
10/1 or more
11/2 or less
9/1 or more
5/1 or less
8/1 or more
9/2 or less
7/1 or more
4/1 or less

Odds in the morning paper
Coming in to just before the off
6/1 or more
7/2 or less
11/2 or more
10/3 or less
5/1 or more
11/4 or less
9/2 or more
5/2 or less
4/1 or more
9/4 or less
7/2 or more
15/8 or less
10/3 or more
7/4 or less
3/1 or more
6/4 or less

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