Please note before you start to use this system please make sure you understand how the system works, you could always do a few dummy runs before actually placing your own cash on it.
This system works by choosing three teams, the first team must be at home and must be expected to win, as this team is the “banker” in our system you are allowed to have odds of around 4/9, 1/2, 8/15. You should check the stats to see the away teams record if the away team has a good away record choose a different home banker.
A good example would be
Dumbarton to beat Elgin City Saturday 4th August 2007
Dumbarton are 4/9 with Williamhill
This is where the skill comes in, you now have to choose two teams that offer good value for money, odds of between 4/5, 10/11, evens, 11/8, 6/4, 6/5 are the sort of odds that I always take. When choosing these teams try to choose teams that do note lose often as our system covers the draws on the 2nd and 3rd teams in our system.
My personal preference is to go for a home team at even money and a away team at around 6/4, 7/5. As an example for this guide I will use the following teams:
Morton versus Clyde, 4th August 2007, Morton are 19/20 to win at home.
Stenhousemuir versus Arbroath 4th august 2007, Arbroath to win away 11/8
Now we have chosen our three teams, I will show you how the system works.
You start with ten pounds, you can use higher stakes if you wish.
First bet = Dumbarton Win 4/9, Morton Win 19/20, Arbroath Win 11/8
7 pounds on = 46.83 back, profit = 36.83
Second bet = Dumbarton Win 4/9, Morton Win 19/20, Arbroath draw 11/8
1 pounds on = 9.86 back, loss = 0.14p
third bet = Dumbarton Win 4/9, Morton draw 5/2, Arbroath Win 11/8
1 pounds on = 12.01 back, profit = 2.01
Fourth bet = Dumbarton Win 4/9, Morton draw 5/2, Arbroath draw 5/2
1 pounds on = 17.69 back, profit = 7.69
As you can see as long as the banker wins and the other two do not lose you will get your stake money back, you have to use a little bit of common sense, this system works very well at weekends using English and Scottish football, Scottish division three is especially good for the value for money bets. I recommend experimenting with the two value teams, I like choosing one even money home and a good away chance, but you might find more luck with just choosing away teams. I hope this guide has been some use.

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