The Guaranteed profit system is based on the main PRICEWISE selection every Saturday in the Racing Post. It is Guaranteed because we are able to back the selection to win at one price in the early morning and then lay it to lose at a shorter price nearer to the start of the race. So, whether the selection wins or loses, you have a guaranteed profit.
Here’s how it works
In the racing post every Saturday find the Pricewise feature and look for his main selection of the day. Because Pricewise is so popular, the price on offer in the early morning is almost certain to get shorter – Particularly if the selection is featured on Channel 4’s “Morning Line”.
Let’s say that the main Pricewise selection is available at 14/1 in the early morning.
Back the selection to win with, say, £100 stake at 14/1.
Closer to the off the selection may well be , let’s say, 9/1.
Lay it to lose on the exchanges with a stake of £150.

Scenario 1
The Selection wins…
You win your win bet and collect £1,400 (£100 x 14/1)
You lose your lay bet which costs you £1,350 (£150 x 9/1)
Profit = £50
Scenario 2
The Selection Loses…
You win your lay bet and collect £150
You lose your £100 stake on the win bet
Profit = £50
Whatever happens you make a profit!
Here are some useful tips and pointers about operating the system…
You need to ensure that you can get your bets on at the right level of staking to guarantee a profit. Probably the best-known and most used Betting Exchange is Betfair. They will take a small commission from your winnings but you are guaranteed to make a profit if you follow the system.
In order to get the biggest price possible for your win bet you will need to find out the information required as early as possible. This means acquiring a copy of the racing post bright and early on Saturday morning or you can go onto the Racing Post website to access the information that may be available on Friday evening to give you a head start. The earlier you place your win bet the bigger the price you will obtain which makes laying it off at a shorter price easier.
If the main selection is a shorter single figure price bear in mind that it may not drift in that much and your potential profit may not be too large. In this case you may not wish to play on that particular day, although a guaranteed profit is still a profit!
The Best horses to back and then lay are obviously those that open up at a big price. This especially the case if they are featured on Channel 4’s “Morning Line” at 8am on Saturday mornings. The interest generated by Channel 4 will virtually guarantee the price of the Pricewise selection will shorten dramatically.
PRICEWISE selections are, of course, also available on some weekdays for the big festival meetings. You could also operate the system on these weekdays but Saturday is normally the biggest betting day so the price of the selections are more likely to tumble throughout the morning to give you the best laying opportunities.
It is recommended that you ‘paper trade’ this system for a few weeks to start with, to get the feel of how it works before betting. Start with small stakes to begin with until you feel confident about how the betting exchanges work. You will soon see for yourself that a guaranteed profit is possible every week.

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