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This system is again brilliant and it works a treat. It involves predicting correct scores in Live matches.

How does it work?
I split my week up into 3 sections.
Section 1: Live Matches on Saturday
Section 2: Live Matches on Sunday
Section 3: Live Matches midweek.

This means you have 3 intervals in the week where you WILL make profit. In this bet you can double up your stake if you lose in the 1st match or you bet on Even stakes each time and my stats still indicate a profit. However doubling up will give you even more of a profit. Let’s take Sunday 22nd January as an example:

On the morning of matchday I get a piece of paper and I go through all the LIVE MATCHES that I can view on Sky TV. These include matches on Sky Sports, Eurosport, ITV, BBC1, 2, Channel 5, Bravo, Setanta Sport and anywhere else that is showing Live football.

ON this given day the matches were on as follows;
2.00pm Chelsea Vs Charlton
4.00pm Man Utd Vs Liverpool
6.00pm South Africa Vs Guinea (African Nations Cup)
8.00 pm Fiorentina Vs Messina

It is very important that if matches that start at the same time, that you choose the match where the favourite is close to 1.60 in backing odds. This can happen in Champions League nights when their can be up to 8 matches on at once. If this is the case, I look for 1 match that sees the favourite as close to 1.60 as possible.
Based on statistics, at least one of these matches should finish 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1 to the favourite. This is where we make our money. Our 1st Bet involves Chelsea who are odds on favourites to win. I go to correct scores and I back them at £10.00 to win 1-0, £10.00 to win 2-0 and £10.00 to win 2-1. If they do win by either of these scorelines then I would make minimum profit £30.00 from initial £30.00 outlay. Which is quite impressive.
Chelsea dominate the match but Charlton equalise and with Carvalho being sent off the game finishes 1-1. I don’t panic , I have lost £30.00 but the stats are still on my side.
I double up my next stake and place 20.00 on Man Utd who are favourites to beat Liverpool 1-0, 2-0, 2-1. Maximum outlay £60.00. The bet comes up and I win £125.00. –my £60 stake and £30 previous stake I have made £35.00 profit. AT that point I have made my profit for that interval section and I wait.
If you are not successful at the end of an interval, I definitely would not recommend you chasing it… the stakes will increase. Over the course of the season you will make profit using this brilliant little strategy.
It’s simple, you can start of with a £2.00 stake on each score and build your bank balance from there. Remember though , don’t get greedy, paper bet this strategy and you’ll see your self it is simply amazing.
I have analysed this system since September and I would have been successful at every interval. The maximum I would have had to go without without a win would have been 4 matches.
My recommendation is to start off low stakes for this strategy. If a match runs into another match don’t back it on our strategy.

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