The Hat Trick Seeker

A method that finds horses with recent winning form and now running over a distance to suit them.

Remember: these systems are offered with no guarantees. Test them yourself by 'paper trading' without real stakes before risking any money. This is an easy to apply system that uses recent results to qualify a horse.

1. Go through the day's race cards and cross out all handicaps, selling, ladies, apprentice and amateur riders races.
2. Now disregard any race from those remaining where the forecast favourite is odds on.
3. From the surviving races, look for any horses that have WON their last two races in the current season and are now running within 18 days of their most recent win.
4. Finally, delete any remaining horse that is NOT a winner at the current distance. Qualifying horses should have either "D" or "CD" against their name on the racecard.
When you go through this selection method you know that any horses that qualify have recent winning form and are running over distances to which they are suited.
If you find two qualifiers in a given race you can back them both if they are each over 3/1.

If you want to refine it further for say one bet a day then choose the qualifying race that is run for the most prize money. This is a rough guide to the quality and consistency of the runners and the jockey's enthusiasm for actually winning.

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