The Henderson Handicap System

The Henderson Handicap System concentrates solely on Handicap races. It will operate just as successfully for the National Hunt season as the Flat season, so you can now enjoy making profits right throughout the year. You do not need a specialist Racing paper to operate it, an ordinary Daily newspaper with a Horse racing section will be adequate for your needs. The Henderson Handicap System seeks to search out the quality horse in a Handicap race. As far as Handicaps are concerned, it is general knowledge that the better a horse has been performing, the the more weight it has to carry. So therefore the better horses in a Handicap should be those with the most weight to carry. But statistics prove that simply by blindly backing the top weight in Handicap races will not provide you with profits over a long period of time. The Henderson Handicap System will, however, show you just how to separate the top weights that are the genuine class animals, from the top weights that are just one of the bunch. It is a fact, and one maybe not everyone is aware of, that there are some horses that run in Handicaps that are so far ahead of the rest of the animals in the race that even by being saddled with a thundering great weight, it will not stop them from winning. In other words - THEY ARE JUST TOO GOOD! It is these horses that we are seeking, and The Henderson Handicap System will provide them for you.
Selection Method

Go through the racecard of each meeting for that day, make a note of every Handicap race.
Make a note of the weight that the TOP WEIGHT is carrying.
Make a note of the weight that the SECOND TOP WEIGHT is carrying.
Subtract the second top weight from the top weight and make a note of the DIFFERENCE.
Repeat this procedure for every Handicap race of the day.

The system selection is the TOP WEIGHT that is set to carry the biggest margin of weight over its nearest (second top weight) rival. In the unlikely event of two races producing the same result, select the race with the closest to 8 runners. If there is still a tie, select the race with the most prize money. This horse then is the system selection and is the one bet of the day.

STAKING ADVICE - Place your bet to win unless the price is better than 5/1, in which case, providing of course that there are sufficient runners, back your selection EACH WAY. You will get some tremendous value animals running for you by using The Henderson Handicap System.
SUMMARY - Remember, the horse that the system selects for you is the class animal in the race, otherwise they would not be carrying top weight. By restricting our selections to those with the biggest weight difference, we are surely putting our money on the horse which is that much more superior to even its nearest rival.

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