1. The goal of a system is not to pick winners but to identify a type of horse that the betting public consistently underrates.
2. The best systems are based on facts which defy most punters’ expectations.
3. Be suspicious of any system based on information that can easily be gleaned from your daily racing paper.
4. If a system is based on readily accessible information, it must use that information in an unexpected way.
5. If you can’t describe a system in a short sentence the idea behind it is almost certainly not strong enough to make it produce the greatest profits over a particular period.
6. Don’t bend the rules of a system to fit the results.
7. Do not expect a system to continue being profi table when the circumstances that gave rise to it change.
8. Avoid systems whose success is based on an inadequate sample of results.
9. Always remember that the betting market will eventually adjust to take account of any successful method for identifying winners.
10. Don’t follow any system blindly.

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