This system is based on a very rational criterion, it produces quite a few selections and a good strike rate.
You will need a copy of the Racing Post or visit their website at
This system relies on the fact that certain professional form readers are quite good at their jobs. When they are all in agreement on the chances of a horse winning it stands to reason that the horse has a pretty good chance.
With a few filters to remove any unwanted “strokes of poor luck” this system has been fine tuned to provide good quality horses at reasonable prices that win often enough to provide a good turnover and return on investment. Paper trade for a while and see how you get on with it.

The System:

Eliminate any Chases.
No All weather meetings
Use on FLAT ONLY after the Grand National to the end of Oct
Use on NH ONLY from November to the Grand National
Locate the Racing Post Selection Box (this is the matrix where there is a roundup of the days tips by all the press tipsters)
Look for Topspeed, Postdata, Spotlight and Postmark.
If ALL 4 of these are in agreement then you have a noted possible.
You now need to check the training centres.
If at least ONE of the following also tips your noted possible then you have a

The South
The North
West Country

Back your selection to win

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