Percentage Liability Staking Plan

The percentage liability staking plan is identical to the fixed liability staking plan except that the liability is linked to a percentage of your bank. For instance if, your start bank is £100 and the percentage liability setting is 5% then your liability will be £5. If the bank increases, so will your liability. If the bank decreases, your liability will also decrease.
Percentage Staking Plan - Sometimes known as the 'plateau philosophy', the percentage staking plan says you should recalculate your stake whenever your betting bank reaches a certain predefined level. For instance, whenever your fund increases by 25%. Some say that you shouldn't downgrade your stake if you fall back through a level, on the assumption that if you stick with the higher stake it will speed up your return to the top. However, a losing sequence can sometimes feel like it is never ending and by not adjusting your stakes when losing, you face bankrupting your bank.
As with any other staking system, the percentage or plateau plan has a number of variations, for instance, you can increase your stake by 25%
whenever the betting increases by 12.5%. Or as an extreme you could upgrade your stakes whenever your betting bank grows.
This is essentially identical to the Percentage Staking Plan used with Back bets. There is one rule that is followed -
The stake used is a % of the cumulative bank. For instance, for a start bank of £2000 you would maybe use 2% of your bank making the stake £40. Your next bet would be 2% of whatever the next cumulative, bank total now is.

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