Level Staking Plan

This is the most common form of plan and is also known by other names, flat betting being one of them. This system requires that you lay the same stake at all times. The size of the stake can be determined however you like but it is best practice to link it to your starting bank. For example, if your starting bank was £2000 you would split the bank into points, say 2000 points, in this case £1 represents 1 point. You would then ramp this up as required to a set stake of say 5 points or 10 points. It all depends on how often you expect to win and the odds at which you would expect to win.
The formula can be written as:
• (X / Y) multiplied by Z.
• X = Start Bank
• Y = Points Ratio
• Z = Amount of points per stake

In the example it would be 2000 / 100 x 5 = 100, so your level stakes would be £100. This is a very safe staking system and can be used as a reference against other staking systems to analyse their performance. There are several variations to this system that other staking systems have incorporated, but in general the base version is used as a benchmark.

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