The Perfect Racing System

1)You must use the Racing Post.
2)Only races of 4 to 18 runners inclusive qualify.
3)Exclude any of the following:
All Weather Racing
Amateur Jockey Races or any horse ridden by an amateur Jockey.
All flat races after October 31st.
Any race where the forecast favourite is odds-on.
Any race where more than half of the runners do not have a Postmark Rating.
4)Of the races which are left, we are looking for a horse which came 1st 2nd 3rd 4th on its last run.
5)The horse must have raced within the last 28 days.
6)The horse must be tipped by both Postmark, and Topspeed in the tipsters selection box.
7)The horse must be clear toprated by Postmark, ie the only horse within a BLACK CIRCLE next to the horses names on the racecard. If a horse is joint top rated it does not qualify.
8)The horse must be toprated by Topspeed, on its last run. You will find this information in the Postdata/Topspeed Statistics box(the one with lots of ticks and crosses in it).
9)The horse must have won, or been beaten 2 lengths or less over todays distance. If a horse has not won(or been beaten 2 lengths or less) over todays distance, its can still qualify, but it must comply to the following rules:
In a flat race, allow half a furlong leaway either side, ie if it is over say 1m 2.5f, the horse qualifies if it has won(or been beaten 2 lengths or less) over 1m2f or 1m3f in any previous race.
In a jumps race(hurdles or chases), same as above, but allow 1 furlong leaway either side.
10)The horse must be in the first 5 in the betting in the Racing Post, but not at a bigger price then the number of runners in todays race, minus one. For example, if it is say, a 12 runner race, it must be in the first 5 in the betting forecast, at 11/1 or less. If say an 8 runner race, it must be in the first five in the betting at 7/1 or less and so on.
11)Apply the same rule to the price of the horse in its last race. Do not back horse that were priced 10/1 or over in their last race!
12)The horse must be proven on the going. Applying the same rules step 9 above, make sure the horse will handle the going. Obviously on many occasions this will be straightforward, is when the horse has won on soft, and todays ground is soft, but if you are unsure, use the following as a guide:
Soft/Heavy in places....Proven on Soft or Heavy
Good to Soft....Proven on Good, Soft or Good to Soft
Good to Firm....Good, Firm, or Good to Firm
And vice-versa....
13)The horse must have a positive running comment on its last run:
Ran On, Driven Out, Shaken Up, Driven Clear, Easily, Comfortably, Eased Flat, Unchallenged, Ridden Out, Readily, Stayed On Strongly, Kept On Gamely...
Do not back horses with comments such Stayed On, Kept On, Weakened, Pushed Out, etc...
Please Note: That although we exclude any horse that is forecast odds on, some of the selections will open and start odds on, when the market opens. These still qualify as bets, and are indeed a handsome source of profit. The reason we exclude horses which are forecast odds, is to minimise the odds on bets, and back more selections at slightly larger odds.
INTHEKNOW Revised Method.
1.Use the Racing Post.
2.Use the turf meeting with the handicap offering the highest prize money.
3. All Weather meetings do not qualify.
4. Must be at least two turf meetings on the day.
5. Less than 3 handicaps on the card no bet.
6. Take the Postmark horse in handicap races only. (First 3 handicaps on card if more than 3)
7. Stake 1 point, 2 points, 4 points stop at a winner.
1.Use the Racing Post.
2.Use the Principal meeting only (meeting in bold type in the Racing Post Index)
3. Take the Postmark horse in handicap races only.(First 3 handicaps on card if more than 3)
4.Stake 1 point, 2 points, 4 points stop at a winner.

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