The Revelation System

Working from the Racing Post go through each meeting marking off all races with 13 or more runners. Ignore any non runners on the day, so long as there are 13+ runners listed theses are the races to concentrate on. Mark all horses that ran 5th last time out. Then apply the following rules:

1. All selections must have run within the last 60 days.
2. All starting prices MUST fall within the range 9/1 and 14/1 (inclusive)
3. Where 2 or more horses qualify within the same race the stakes are still kept the same i.e. if you are betting in £20 units, £20 is bet on each horse.
4. Looking back at the last race (i.e. when the horse ran 5th) make a note of the starting price. The previous SP can move up or down by four points only. For example, a horse whose previous SP was 16/1 can move down a maximum of 4 points, thus anything below 12/1 in the coming race is no bet. If it moved down 2 points it would be 14/1 and qualify as it is within the 9/1 - 14/1 range. Similarly, if the horse was 7/1 last time out it could move to a maximum of 11/1 so effectively you would bet if the SP was 9/1, 10/1 or 11/1. So in practise any horse whose previous price was below 5/1 is ignored and any horse above 16/1. All you have to remember is that for a bet to be on is that the previous price can move up or down by four point and so long as it falls within the given 9-14/1 range. As we stated the system is selective and some days there will be no bets, but as you can see from the enclosed results it is very effective. If a losing run does occur do NOT panic, as with most systems clusters of results easily take care of these, especially if you are betting on high priced horses. If you are unable to see `live` prices simply mark your betting slip with a proviso as follows.

If SP under 9/1 no bet. If SP above (then whatever price has been calculated, but never above 14/1) no bet.

As there are rarely more than two bets a day, this is not a problem as most bookies are happy with this. Try to use more than one bookmaker.

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