Any newspaper may be used that gives the details of the last three outings of horses and includes a rating method of some type. RULE ONE:
WIN - 10 points
2ND - 5 points
3RD - 1 points
Add one further point for:
SF - Strongly fancied
C - Course runner
D - Distance runner
If in race runner is denoted as "top rated" for race, add a further 10 points. In each race, the horse with the greatest number of points is the one to use. TO REDUCE:
To reduce to one per meeting, select only from non-handicap races. Use the horse with the most points from the races selected.
Check the tipsters and if two experts have also gone for one horse than that is the selection. If still unable to reduce to one, use the horse with the highest rating in the race with lowest number of runners.
Use staking sequence 11223345566 to reduce losses and increase winnings.
NOTE: To reduce to just one selection per day, use the horse in the race with the lowest number of runners from all non-handicap races.

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