The Seven Match Doubles Bet

Ask any bookmaker how many doubles there are in seven selections, and you will get the answer twenty one. My way, chose your seven teams for your doubles bet.

A. Man Utd 6 doubles
B. Arsenal
C. Spurs simply write on your betting slip, your seven selections,
D. Liverpool Put a line under the top four as shown, and write 6 doubles
E. Leeds next to the top four. And three doubles beside the bottom three
F. Newcastle
G. Chelsea 3 doubles

Total nine doubles

If you do find seven winners, obviously you will have nine winning doubles. If you find just three winners from seven selections, you are guaranteed at least one winning double. If your three winning selections are in either the top or bottom group, you definitely have three winning doubles. By only staking nine doubles, instead of the usual 21, lets imagine we have a bet of simply 9 £3 win doubles, total staked my way £27. As opposed to usually 21 £3 win doubles, which would require a total stake of £63.
If we find just two winners at 2/1 each from our seven selections, and they form just one winning double, £3 at 2/1 and 2/1 returns £27, our full stake back. If we get for example, three winning selections at just 6/4, and they fall together to give us three winning doubles, our return for a stake of just £27 would be £18.75 times three. £18.75 is the return for one £3 double at 6/4 and 6/4. If we have three doubles that would be a total return of £56.25. A profit of £29.25, for a stake of £27, by finding three 6/4 winners from seven selections.

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