System #17 Going Streaks

Alright…we’ll still in the MLB streaks for the other system. However, this next system can be use for any kind of sports but it is perfect for baseball because of the fact that most of the team have winning and losing streak.
So, in this chapter, I just want to give a little but how much powerful system that every part time sports gambler should know.
I know that there is a lot of baseball fans so, that’s why the examples will be about baseball but you can always use this system with any sports. However, baseball offers the most possibilities.
So…here we go…
Summer is the time to bet on baseball. Of course, in North America, this is the only sports that we can bet on everyday during the summer. But if you know some little but very important things, you can make a lot of money with the MLB.
First thing you need to know is that it’s time to bet on underdogs. Yes, absolutely.
During the regular season, each of the 30 team will play 162 games. This is a possibility of 4860 games to bet on. Of these 4860 games, 44% WILL BE WON BY THE UNDERDOGS. This is an amazing fact.
Every 100 game, over 40 games are won by an underdog with odds over 2.00 ( +100).
Another fact. Take the MLB stats and you’ll see that most of the time, a team will win more than one game in a row. You will see a team wins 7 to 10 games in a row many times a year. This kind of pattern only happen in the MLB. Why ? This is baseball! Another reason is the number of game.
Ok, here’s a little system I use every baseball season and I have a lot of success. We will use the 2 facts above and a system called “Let It Ride”.
We will simply invest a little amount and if we win, we will use the profit to bet on another game on the same team. You can do it as many time as you want and snowball your profit. But I think that 3 to 4 times is perfect.
Does this system works ?
Remember the 2004 season when the Tampa Bay Devil Rays won 12 games in a row as underdog ?
Well, my friend, if you would be at Las Vegas, you would have turned $10 into over $500,000 within 2 weeks. Yes. This is money!
Of course it takes some luck because this is gambling but you can be assured that someone did it for this winning streak.
As for myself, I like to try a 10 game winning streak. Couple of weeks ago, that’s what I did with the Pittsburgh Pirates. They were hot for a couple of days and they were 3-0 when I started to bet on them. They were always underdog.
You know the results. They won 10 games in a row and for an initial bet of $10, I made over $3000 in pure profit. Was I lucky ? Yes of course, but if you don’t try it, you’ll never make it. Simple as that.
However, if you want to make a good profit over the baseball season with this system, here’s what you should do.
First, never bet “let it ride” for more than 4 games in a row.
Second, bet on the teams with an average between .450 and .550. If you want to bet on teams that play over .550 like the Yankees or the Red Sox, use the run line of –1.5.
Third, always bet the same amount each game until a win. When you win, let it ride for 4 games and collect the profit. Then start again.
There is a lot of possibility every week.
Just look at how many team have a 4 wins streak at
Now, here’s how it works.
Instead of buying a lottery ticket every week, take a little $10 and pick a team that can easily win 4 games in a row. Let’s take the Yankees as example.
Let’s say we take them with the run line of –1.5 because they are always (most of the time) an heavy favourite.
Let’s say that the odds are in average 2.15
First game, you place a $10 bet at 2.15
You win. Now you have $21.50 to bet.
Game #2, you place your $21.50 bet at 2.15.
You win. Now you have $46.22 to bet.
Game #3, you place a $46.22 bet at 2.15
You win. Now you have $99.37 to bet.
Game #4, you place your $99.37 bet at 2.15.
You win.
Total won = $213.64
Not bad for a small $10! And the good thing is that if you lose, you lose only $10!
Of course, you’ll not win every time but you’ll make more money with this system than taking a lottery ticket! Good luck and have fun!

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