System #21 Spread Under Over

The next system is a system you can use with many sports. Fact, you can use it
with any sports where there are 2 outcomes. However, the best kind of bets is
the spread or the over under total.
Here’s why:
Let’s say we have these 2 games.
Team C vs Team D
So, the possible parlays are:
Team A X Team D
Team B X Team C
Th goal here will be to use only 3 out of 4 parlay. This way, you will cover 3 bets
out of 4 possible bets. The way you select which one of these 3 parlays you will
use is up to you.
What I like is going with patern like using the 2 lowest spread for the home team.
Usually, the home team will win the spread in at least 50% of the games. This is
why I like to use this kind of parlay.
When I say the lowest spread for the home team, here’s an example:
You will have to use the highest odds as possible. When it comes to the highest odds for spread betting, the best sportsbooks are pinnaclesports where you will usually find odds of -105 (1.95) and canbet where you will find odds of -107 (1.93).
So, basically, we will select 2 games and we will make 3 parlays with these 2 games. When you use 2 games, you have 4 possible parlay.
Team A vs Team B
Team A X Team C
Team B X Team D
These are the 4 parlay you can make with 2 games. This could be betting againts the spread or betting the total.
That means you will cover all the possible outcomes of these 2 home teams plus a third possible outcomes.
In this case, the spread is -4 or +4 depending of the team you choose. So, going
with the patern, we want to use the lowest favorite home team. That means, the
home team with the lowest spread as possible.
If you don’t know yet, pk means pick’em. Pk means a spread of 0 for both team.
So, in our case it will be the games:
Let’s say you have these games. So, the Away team is always the first one and the home team is the second one. Take a look at game 555-556. You see that Northeastern (+4) is the away team and they are facing Delaware (-4) which is the home team.
So looking at the screenshot, we see that the 2 games with the lowest spreads for a home team are games 547-548 at pk and games 549-550 at -1.5.
This is like a bet for a straigh win.
New Orleans (pk) At Florida Atlantic (pk)
Tulsa (+1.5) at Marshall (-1.5)
Ok, so, these will be the 2 games we will use in this example. Following the 3 parlays we have to make, we will make 3 parlays this way:
Parlay 1 New Orleans (pk) X Tulsa (-1.5)
Parlay 2 New Orleans (pk) X Marshall (-1.5)
Parlay 3 Florida Atlantic (pk) X Tulsa (-1.5)
Each parlay will give you a return of 3.80. Why ?
Now, something very inportant you need to know. We will use a session for each
specific patern we use. In fact, using this specific patern represent one session.
You can use many kind of paterns but the most important thing is that you need
to stick to your patern everyday. This is the reason why you’ll make money over
the long run.
As you can see, the only time we will lose is if Florida Atlantic (pk) and Tulsa (-1.5) win.
So, most of the time, we will win one of these parlays.
Now let’s look the numbers.
You will place 1 unit on 3 parlays. So, this is 1 X 1.95 X 1.95 = 3.80
Because you will make 3.80 and you have to substract 3 units. These 3 units are the units you have placed on each parlay. So, every time you win a parlay, you win 0.80 unit.
If you stop or change or mix patern together, this is where you will experience more loses that you want and you will lose money.
Other patern could be, the 2 highest spread for home team or for the away team.
Or the 2 highest total or lowest total or highest total, etc...It is up to you.
Ok, now, using the patern of the 2 lowest spreads for the home team, here’s the results we had for November 2007 for NCAA Basketball.
Total Bets: 27
Total Wins: 22
Total Loses: 5
Win percentage:81%
So, here, just by following the same rule to pick our team, we end the month with a total of 81% win and a profit just by flat betting.
In fact, placing 3 parlay at odds 3.80 for each parlay is like placing a single bet at odds 1.26.
With these results for the month of November 2007, we have these results.
22 wins of 0.80 units = 17.6 units
5 loses of 3 units = 15 units
17.6 – 15 = +2.6 units. This is our profit.
However, we we have to understand that the results won’t always be like this but there is a way to protect our bankroll and make some money.
In fact we will write down the results and we will wait for a lose of our bets. Right
after a losing bet, we will start a slow progression. This slow and small
progression will be:
So, our goal is to win some money after a losing bet. But because you will win
many more bets than you will lose, you won’t have many bets a month. This is
why you can use many sessions at the same time. This is where the money is
Day 1: No bet Lose
Day 3: No bet Lose
Day 6: Bet 4 units on each parlay Win Profit +3.21 units Stop the
X – 2X – 4X
That’s it.
Now, let’s see what happen with this progression with the November 2007 results.
So, on a piece of paper, make your 3 parlays followng the rule of your choice. Here, it was the 2 home teams with the lowest spread.
Day 2: Bet 1 unit on each parlay Win profit +0.80 Stop session
Day 4: Bet 1 unit on each parlay Lose Profit -3 units
Day 5: Bet 2 units on each parlay Win Profit +1.60 units
Day 7: No bet Win
Day 8: No bet Wn
Day 10: No bet Lose Start a new session
Day 11: Bet 1 unit on each parlay Win Profit of +0.80
Day 13: No bet Win
Day 14: No bet Win
Day 24: No bet Win
Day 25: No bet Win
Day 27: No bet Win
Total Profit:+4.21 units
Day 9: No bet Win
Day 12: No bet Win
Day 15: No bet Win
Day 16: No bet Win
Day 17: No Bet Win
Day 18: No Bet Win
Day 19: No bet Win
Day 20: No bet Lose Start the session
Day 21: Bet 1 unit on each parlay Win Profit +0.80
Day 22: No Bet Win
Day 23: No bet Win
Day 26: No bet Win
So, for sure +4.21 units for the entire month isn’t a big profit but this is a profit. This is why, when you use other patern to select your games and if you run many sessions at the same time, you will make more money.
For example, if you use only 10 sessions a day, you will have to place 30 bets everyday but the result will be a profit of around 35 units every month. This is where the money is.
You can expect this kind of result with any kind of patern as long as you stick to your patern everyday.
I have many clients that use up to 20 sessions at the same time and they have a
lot of success. They use different kind of sports.
Again, here’s what you have to do:
- Place you 3 parlay only on paper always by covering the same
patern. Example, place your teams this way:
- Always place these 3 parlays:
Team A X Team D
- Place the appropriate amount of unit on each parlay by following the
progression X – 2X – 4X
- First select 2 games following a patern you will use everyday. The choice is up to you. It could be the 2 lowest spread for the homw favorite or the 2 highest spread for the home favorite, the over / under total etc. The most important point is that you have to follow this patern everyday.
Team A vs Team B
Team C vs Team D
Team A X Team C
Team B X Team C
- Wait for a lose
- As soon as you make a profit, stop the progression and wait for another lose
- Run as many sessions as you like

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