Be disciplined. Never gamble drunk. Always have a plan and stick to it. Have the best computer and fastest Internet connection you can afford with up-to-date protections, firewalls and anti-virus programs. Stick to sports or events you are successful on. Never lose more on a trade than you were trying to win. Cut bad trades immediately. Never chase a loss. Never gloat over a win. Always analyze good and bad trades. Keep detailed notes of bets and eliminate frequent errors. Remember, however bad it seems emotion can only make it worse – there is always another day and another opportunity. If it is a fun bet, stake it small enough to remain a fun bet. Research your opinions. Celebrate a win, but then move on. Set a time period for a thorough overhaul of betting strategy. Remember, your first bet of a trading plan becomes a gamble if you don’t stick to the planned second bet – this is more important if it goes against you. Keep some liquidity in account for ‘in-running’ opportunities. Put up the price you want taken in advance – don’t rely on your ‘finger on the button’.

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