In a world full of technology, the problem can be information overload, and you have to make your own decisions having sifted through the many levels of assistance available over the internet. I like to deal in facts not rumors.
*** Your research should fine craft to tune up your system win percentages and lower risks on coverage of lose. Good system can be anywhere from 75 to 99% of wins in first run and from 90 to 100% in coverage of loss in sequence steps 2 or 3.
*** Don’t pull too many bets more paper work and less quality research. Don’t pull to few either higher risk on all stakes. Find game you re suitable with odds on possibility define parameters consult statistics make system rules then run it and watch for what happens within. Also simulate as if you were betting before going into bet. Experiment and calculate, tune and upgrade, make system bulletproof and profiting.
*** Numbers are cold seal real and best pointer is you betting bank liquidity. If system is good these liquidity will grow faster if not risk will be too higher at times and liquidity will drop.

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