‘Ignore tips. The nearer to the horse’s mouth, the worse they are.’ – Jeffrey Bernard, 1991 Utter tosh can be anything of an asset in predicting but do not neglect just don’t go crazy about it.
‘Never take the official going description for granted because as often as not it will be wrong.’ Mel Collier gives Cheltenham Festival advice to Racing Post readers in February 2008. There is only one way for every winner his own way.
‘Find this year’s most ridiculously underpriced runner, whose odds owe considerably more to hyperbole than to its exploits on the track, and lay it all for all you’re worth.’ – Pietro Innocenzi, Racing Post, 1 March 2008 If planned to cover losing expecting to win beware it s game of nerves.
‘Always remember that finding winners at Cheltenham is very hard, as the track is tricky and the competition fierce, so don’t beat yourself up about it if things go pear-shaped.’ – Tom Segal, 2 March 2008 When I m in choice I can not decide no matter how juicy odds look like I chose not to decide, not to bet. Better with buck in pocket then one more lose I need to cover.
‘If you have the discipline to wait for the ground, to trust your own eyes, to plunge on the each-way bankers in small fields and keep the stakes small for the big handicaps, you are onto a winner.’ – Stuart Barnes, Sunday Times, 9 March 2008 Not going hasty or emotional is what separates gambler emo loser from professional player.
‘There is a world of difference between intelligent betting and stupid gambling. The very word “gambling” suggests recklessness and folly, but if you are putting money on horses without some definite plan you are gambling – and a gambler cannot win consistently.’ – RW Wood Box your system well and box it like it is not going according to plan then you shall have it clean and profit on least occurrence that world will give you.
Try not to think you’re better than you are.’ – top player Erik Seidel, 2005 Certainty is not sheltered in gambling and betting, but none the less system can give it.
‘You will have more money not betting on bad hands than you will win betting on good hands.’ – Russel Crouse, 1941 Don’t be too eager to cover potential loss be eager to gain sure win.
‘Don’t lend money to another player. The money you lend will often help break you.’ – expert US card player John Scarne, 1961 Never invest to bookie. Take their cash not lending them yours.
‘If you’re afraid to lose your money, you can’t play to win.’ – Johnny Moss, 1981 Compare – stakes, risks, odds, potentials and box them, double box them, triple box them, then win win win.

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