Lay Ladder Staking Plan

The Lay Ladder Staking Plan is probably the most well known loss recovery staking plan out there. A Lay Ladder is usually used for 3 lays. If the first bet you make loses (i.e. the horse wins) then the 2nd bet is calculated as usual for a 1 point win plus the losses from the first bet. This way you still win your 1 point profit. The longer the lay ladder the higher your stakes can go. In theory the size of stakes can be exponential! Let’s look at an example. We have set the initial stake as £2. This will be what we are trying to win with each sequence of bets. The first bet entered loses at odds of 7 which means a loss of -£12 This makes the next stake £14. The bet entered as a loss at odds of 6.5. The second bet is a loss which means we lose £77. This is added to £12 makes £89. Our initial stake of £2 is added on to that to make the next stake £91. A considerable bet just to win £2!
This is one staking plan that I wouldn’t recommend but I know that everyone is different and some people could possibly like the idea of the lay ladder.

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