Racemaster is a successful yet simple plan, which is based on sound principles and produces excellent results. All previous years results can be compiled from the RACEFORM FORM BOOK (Annual Part.) Selections for this year can be compiled from the RACEFORM UPDATE or the SPORTING LIFE WEEKENDER. When a horse has won two handicaps, he is obviously a very useful horse, probably still improving and likely to finish the season as a multiple winner. For the Racemaster system, we watch first for a horse to win its second handicap of the season. (Any two handicaps will do, and theses need not necessarily be in succession.) Next, we look at the horse that finished second to him. If the horse which finished second is giving weight, (at least 1 lb) to the winner and is not beaten by more than two lengths, we list this horse for three chances to win. As soon as it wins, and this need not necessarily be in a handicap, it is eliminated. Racemaster, which is the most brilliant system ever devised for producing long priced winners, was first introduced to the sporting public over 40 years ago. The principle behind Racemaster is that the runner up in these races has produced a useful piece of form in giving weight and getting close to an animal on the upgrade. Also, having been beaten, he will pick up no penalty and at the worst, will only suffer a slight rise in the handicap. The winners under this system are at surprisingly high average prices, illustrating successfully the advantage of betting in handicaps, if you have an efficient method of dealing with them. All selections indicated by Racemaster are backed on a level stakes basis and no staking plan is involved.

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